Link Hangout – Still Depressing Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Regular center fielder, Peter Bourjos, is still sidelined with a sore thumb, Albert Pujols and his less than perfect life and, the gravity of Jason Vargas‘ blood clot situation.

Bourjos Remains Sidelined With Sore Thumb

But Mike Scioscia has been using a little bit more each day, even letting him hit last night against the Astros. I predict that he starts tonight. But I also predict that I’m going to win the Powerball. I’m usually 50/50 with these prediction things. Come oooooonnnnn Pete.

Albert Pujols and his Not-So-Wonderful-Life

I’m willing to bet the Albert Pujols’ life is pretty wonderful, despite his struggles this season. Ditto for Josh Hamilton and C.J. Wilson. These guys make millions of dollars. Life is wonderful. Except maybe his whole knee and fit issues. That’s probably gotta suck.

Shuck Proving to be a Hit at the Top of the Angels Lineup

I see what you did there. “A hit.” I get it. Because all J.B. Shuck has done is hit. Well, when he gets to start regularly he hits. Which is good news for when an outfielder gets injured, but in one-off starts, he’s been a typical reserve outfielder. Except on defense. On defense, he’s killing me.

Astros Have Been a Thorn in the Angels Side

Except for last night! Eat that, Houston. Neener neener neener. What? Why are you guys all looking at me like I’m weird for getting this riled up over the Angels beating the Astros? Have you not seen the rest of this season’s series against them?

Jason Vargas and the Gravity of Blood Clots

Not to “drive this home” any harder or anything, but it really can be a very scary situation to have a blood clot in your system. Jason vargas is very lucky that it was discovered as early as it was. And Jerry Dipoto probably sighed the biggest sigh of relief in the front office after the clot was successfully removed last week.