Link Hangout – Home Cooking Edition

By Michael Hllywa

The Cardinals are in Anaheim, so of course there are lots of people talking about Albert Pujols. Also, Ryan Madson resumes throwing off of a mound and, Fangraphs gets in-depth regarding J.B. Shuck.

Angels’ Pujols to Face Old Friends: The Cardinals

And so it starts. Did anyone really expect for the Cardinals to come into town and treat Pujols like he was a leper? Just because Yadier Molina looks mean, doesn’t mean that he is.

Madson Resumes Throwing Off Mound in Arizona

So says the report. I’m still convinced of his actual existence.

Not Everyone in St. Louis Wants to See Pujols Fail vs. Old Team

So what you’re saying is: Cardinals > Rangers…still.

Angels Prospects That Could Help in the Next Year

The easy money is on Michael Roth helping out the most, but R.J. Alvarez is a very sexy option.

Angels Win Streak a Sign of Things to Come

Ahem, the Angels did have this whole “eight game winning streak” thing happen back in May. Yet, here we are hoping that another winning streak is the turnaround. How about this: When this streak ends, if the Angels rattle off another winning streak right after it, we can have this conversation.

Hamilton back in cleanup spot; Trumbo to Six-Hole

This probably has more to do with Mark Trumbo‘s slump than Josh Hamilton being single-happy since coming back from a sore wrist, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good idea.

Cowgill Called up with Bourjos Landing on DL

Collin Cowgill, ladies and gentlemen. This will give Scioscia another option so he can stop over using J.B. Shuck.

J.B. Shuck: Discarded Astro, Valuable Angel

Speaking of Shuck. Whether he has shown plenty of times that he is strictly replacement level or not, doesn’t mean that he has not stepped up in a big way when the Angels have needed him. That, and, he’s not Vernon Wells. So, he also has that going for him.