Link Hangout – Smoked(less) Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Apparently, lower body issues are to blame for Albert Pujols‘ struggles, Do the Angels need Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez and, is Josh Hamilton chewing again?

Lower body issues disrupting Pujols at the plate

I’m just going to file this one under heeeerrrrr deeeeeerrrrr. Seriously? You had to waste all those words on something that everyone with vision could already see?

Angels may Not be Done Dealing With Manny

My favorite part is where Mike Scioscia says that in the video of Manny Ramirez homering while in Taiwan, his swing looks like it did when he was 30. I’ve seen the video. It looks nothing like it. Not to mention, the quality of competition in Taiwan is not nearly that of what he’ll find in the State.

The Angels Need Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez

The Angels need more young pitching. Period. But a high-upside/just entering his prime player like Miguel Gonzalez could be a good place to start. it also helps that if the Angels were to sign him, his contract money wouldn’t affect the Angels International bonus pool money.

Why the Pujols Contract is Already Worse Than the A-Rod Contract

I guess Pujols having a broken wrist the year before signing with the Angels makes him “injury prone.” And with four years remaining on the Alex Rodriguez contract, someone also fails to mention the two hip surgeries that A-Rod has had.

Hamilton wont Discuss Chew Speculation

Of course he wont, because it’s dumb. Yes, he has had addiction issues in the past, but if chewing tobacco is his only vice, leave it alone. But of course…

Josh Hamilton Resumes Chewing

People are going to talk about it. Yes it does look like chew, and of course Josh denies it in the previous article, but the media doesn’t have any drama to drub up so it seems to be fishing for anything that could stir the pot.