Link Hangout – U-Turn Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Hank Conger is the Grand Marshal of a Fourth of July parade, inside the signing of Ricardo Sanchez and, Howie Kendrick has been a low-profile spark plug.

Angels’ Conger Stars in Fourth of July Parade

Seriously, no one could Hank Conger’s parents up with a seat while their son is Mr. Important during a Fourth of July Parade? For shame, people. For shame.

Angels Blow up Plan, Sign Ricardo Sanchez

Angels international scouting director, Carlos Gomez, loves Ricardo Sanchez. I like it too, but the kid is still basically a Junior in High School. Let him play in the DSL for a couple of years, then bring him stateside and we can all go bonkers together.

Fourth Offers Kohn Time to Reflect on Family’s Legacy

Michael Kohn has politicians in his family tree, so posturing probably comes naturally. But he also has a grandfather who was an Admiral, so yesterday meant more to him than just lighting off fireworks and getting drunk at a BBQ.

Conger’s Progress Leads to More Playing Time

I wonder how Chris Iannetta feels about all of this. I don’t really care how he feels since he ranks among the worst in all of baseball at defense. I’m just, you know, curious.

Kendrick is a Low-Profile Spark Plug for the Angels

Howie is finally turning into the hitter that Angels fans expected him to be. It’s just unfortunate that nobody east of the L.A. County line will notice.