Link Hangout – Friends and Stars Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Mike Trout is going to New York as an All-Star, Angels hope Josh Hamilton stays hot and, John Lackey and Jered Weaver are set for battle.

Angels Outfielder Mike Trout gets All-Star Start in New York

With every passing season, I grow more and more disillusioned with the All-Star Game voting and selection process. Mike Trout being named an All-Star was a guarantee. Howie Kendrick being snubbed was a total bummer.

Angels Hope Hamilton Stays Hot vs. Red Sox

Then he started the game 0-4. Then collected three RBI’s in his final two at bats. The last two coming via a huge walk off home run. Buckle up y’all, this ride is about to get fun.

Angels’ Hamilton is Keeping the Faith for a Rebound

But i don’t want to wait a month to get giddy and excited about Josh Hamilton. I want to do it now.

Former Angels Pitchers Are Doing Well

Ervin Santana bums me out the most. You could make a case for Scott Kazmir, but his 4.86 ERA is still high, even if his final ERA with the Angels was 27.00. He does have a K/9 of 8.4 though, which is his highest since 2008.

Lackey, Weaver Put Friendship Aside During Faceoff

Yeah, I still can’t bring myself to like John Lackey. Like Mike Napoli, he said some pretty harsh things about the Angels fanbase when he left for Boston after the 2009 season. Weaver may be forever endeared to me, but that doesn’t mean I have to like his choice in friends.