Link Hangout – Back at it Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Mike Scioscia is against Mike Trout partaking in the Home Run Derby, the Angels are trying to cut down on the double plays and. Josh Hamilton‘s walkoff home run in Angels lore.

Scioscia Against Trout Taking Part in the Derby

Me too. Not because Mike Trout isn’t a home run hitter, but because Trout would have to change his approach to do well in the derby. Mark Trumbo‘s swing is tailor made for the derby. Ditto Prince Fielder. Mike Trout is a gap hitter who gets lift. Lots of lift.

Angels Trying to Cut Down Number of Double Plays

Yeah, if they can find a way to actually cut down on something that is literally random chance incarnate, I’ll eat my hat.

Tattoo Keeps Angels Pitcher Michael Kohn on Target

I would have said, “New tendon being used as a ligament keeps Michael Kohn on target,” but, this has a better ring to it.

Baseball Night in New Zealand

A very cool story from an Angels fan in New Zealand.

Under-the-Radar Howie Kendrick one of the Halos’ Best

Should’ve been an All-Star. Howie Kendrick should be a gol-durn All-Star.

Will Josh Hamilton Turn Things Around?

Have you not been paying attention to what Josh Hamilton has done over the last two weeks?

It’s an Emotional Roller Coaster for Angels’ Josh Hamilton

According to Josh, he doesn’t think he’s all the way to where he wants to be yet. During his hitting streak he has a slash line of .342/.435/.605. So, maybe he’s not. But it is nice to be confident in a Josh Hamilton at bat now.

Josh Hamilton Walk Off Home Run in Angels Lore

The best part, he did off of a lefty.