Link Hangout – Almost Breaktime Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Howie Kendrick gets a day off, Mike Trout plays golf and, the Angels are unlikely to make high-profile moves.

Kendrick Gets a Rare Day off Against Cubs

Howie has had two days off now this season. Both of which have came within the last three weeks. According to Mike Scioscia, he is playing through some things. That scares me since earlier in his career he was practically a walking pulled hamstring.

Angels’ Trout Plays in Pujols’ Golf Event, Doesn’t Worry About Swing

I hated the idea of playing golf when I was playing baseball as a youth. The idea that I would change my swing to adjust to a game that I couldn’t even claim to play sporadically annoyed me. Of course, Mike Trout does it and goes 4-7 with two walks against the Cubs. Albert Pujols does it and hits two home runs in the series. Obviously, I know nothing.

Frieri Has Given the Angels More Than Bargained For

Ernesto Frieri has been, at times, flat out dominant for the Angels. He’s also been, at times, very much like every other Angels reliever before him. Heartburn inducing. But to say I feel “worried” when Frieri enters a game, would be a lie.

The 2013 Former Angels All-Stars

I am sickened and appalled that Jeff Mathis did not make this list. Absolutely disgusted. Doesn’t anyone believe in the power of CERA anymore?

REPORT: MLB To Suspend Braun, A-Rod, Among Others

Lots and lots of players doing terrible things. Until Major League Baseball actually gets out in front of PED’s, users and suppliers will always find a way around the system.

Pujols Talks About 500 Home Runs

Well, he kind of talks about it. He doesn’t want too. I wouldn’t want too. Especially if I were mired in my worst season ever as a professional baseball player.

Angels Unlikely to Make High-Profile Moves

Jerry Dipoto saying that “We are not looking to make any big moves” is Jerry Dipoto-speak for “I would love to tell you what I have got brewing right now, but I am not going to tip my hand.” Of course, the Angels don’t really have the payroll room to make any big moves. Unless Arte Moreno wants to pay the luxury tax. If Arte doesn’t mind that, then all bets are off.