Link Hangout – Late Morning Edition

By Michael Hllywa

My apologies for the lateness of the links this morning. But, when you get off of work at 2 AM, you don’t really worry about sitting in front of a computer for an hour compiling links. You care about sleeping.

Dane De La Rosa gets up to speed, C.J. Wilson is finding his confidence and, young stars dominate most popular jersey’s sold.

De La Rosa Gets up to Speed in Angels Bullpen

“Every Day Dane” has been surprisingly consistent this season for the Halos. And his 51.8% groundball rate, is a big reason why.

Halo Effect: Wilson Finding his Confidence

Well, that’s pleasant. It only took a seasoned veteran more than half a season to get his confidence back at doing something that he has been doing since he was a little kid. /shakes fist at computer

Angels Pitcher Jered Weaver Honers Nick Adenhart with Name of Son

Not new news. But, there is a video link where Jered Weaver describes how him and his wife came to the decision to name their son after the late Nick Adenhart.

Angels Trade Candidate: Prospects

So long as everyone keeps their mitts off of my Kaleb Cowart, things will go smoothly.

Trout Porn!

The title says it all. Who doesn’t love a little Mike Trout porn?

Long at-bat Might Have Sparked Hot Streak for Angels’ Erick Aybar

Maybe it was the at-bat. Or maybe, it was because Erick Aybar generally heats up as the season goes on.

Angels Fans Finally Getting a Taste of What They’ve Been Hoping For

This guy ain’t just a-whistlin’ Dixie. It was very nice to see Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols go back-to-back in a game. Even if it was against the Chicago Cubs.

Young Stars Dominate Most Popular Jerseys

Lots of young players. And then there is 43 year-old Mariano Rivera with the second most popular jersey.