Link Hangout – Minimal Trout Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Injured pitchers close to returning, Scott Downs keeps getting it done and, Hank Conger caught a fish.

Injured Pitchers Getting Closer

Tommy Hanson is scheduled to throw a simulated game, Jason Vargas is playing catch, Sean Burnett is now playing catch at a distance of 90 feet, but the real story here is that Ryan Madson not only exists, but apparently, he has been throwing bullpen sessions. Mike Scioscia is hopeful that Madson will get into a rehab game shortly after the All-Star break, but i am highly skeptical that that will actually happen.

Downs Keeps Getting it Done

That is because Downs has been death to lefties, and Scioscia has been very smart about limiting his exposure to right-handed hitters.

Monkeying Around: Shuck, Hypocrisy and Anti-Depressants

Someone needs to give Garrett a hug. Preferably not J.B. Shuck though. He’d probably trip, stumble and bumble his way into breaking Garrett’s nose or something.

Appreciating Mike Trout

As much as I try, I simply can’t help myself but to find some link, some where, that is about Mike Trout. I may need to seek professional help for this affliction.

Iannetta Making Most of Split-Time Situation

From the Crash Davis Book of Pre-Packaged Responses, Chris Iannetta delivers. He can’t be happy about the situation, but at least he’s not rocking the boat a la Bobby Abreu circa 2012 preseason.

Hank Conger Caught a Fish with his Mitt

he then framed it for a called strike three on the outside corner while tweeting about “Tebowing” on a fast-food restaurant’s front counter. That Hank, he’s something else.