Link Hangout – Bored Edition

By Michael Hllywa

The All-Star break only lasts four days, and I am borderline stir crazy right now. I need Angels baseball to come back, like, yesterday. And it doesn’t matter that they didn’t play well into the break. It just needs to come back.

Angels’ Turnaround Depends on Pujols and Hamilton

As much as Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols are a big part of the offensive equation. But the fact still remains that Angels starting pitching has been this teams Achilles Heel.

Trout’s Fingerprints all Over the Midsummer Classic

1-3 with a double? Ho-hum. Angels fans have gotten used to that sort of performance from Mike Trout. Of course, I missed the game because of work. And of course, Torii Hunter pinch-hit for Trout right as I got off work. I must have pissed off God or something.

Mike Trout is Starting a String of All-Star Games

We might as well have called this the “Mike Trout Edition.”

Get Ready for the August Debut of “Olbermann”

Just kind of sneaking this one in there. I’m a fan of Keith Olbermann, so I am a bit stoked that he is returning to the sports realm. It’s a shame that it has to be on ESPN, but, I’m sure I will be able to get past that.

Tom Verducci’s Top 10 Storylines of the Second Half

Not to spoil anything, but the Angels aren’t in the “positive” category.

I almost didn’t link this because of an “Intangibles” category.