Link Hangout – Breaks Over Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Thank the Heavens, baseball is back today. I swear, if this no-baseball-in-the-middle-of-the-season madness had gone on any longer, I may have gnawed off my arm at the shoulder. Yes, this is how I cope with things.

Puig Poised to Eclipse Trout’s Rookie Season

Nope. Nope nope nope, nope. Mike Trout had a 10.0 fWAR season in 2012. He literally, not figuratively, literally, had a season that had never happened before. Ever. Ever ever. In the all-time history of based ball, no one has ever put together a season like Mike Trout did last year. That is not to say that Yasiel Puig isn’t an exciting young player, it’s just to say that he has a long way to go to eclipse the all-encompassing (offense, defense, basepaths) value that Trout brought to the Angels last year.

Bourjos Suffers a Setback

Every time there is sad news about Peter Bourjos, a fairy dies.

The Sustainability of Josh Hamilton’s Hot Streak

During Josh Hamilton‘s 12-game hitting streak, he had a slash line that was nearly identical to his May 2012 production over the last 10 games of said hitting streak. And with a better walk rate. I’ve never been accused of cherry-picking. Maybe now, someone will accuse me of that and we can move on.

Top Prospect Performances of the First Half: Hitters

Efren Navarro‘s swan song with the Angels organization highlights this list.

Vargas, Burnett Limited to Long Toss in Rehab

If this team ever pulls it’s head out of it’s rectal cavity and make a run in the second-half, both Jason Vargas and Sean Burnett could play key roles down the stretch.

Mid-Season Report Cards: American League West

The Angels aren’t failing. Hope remains alive.

Angels Can’t Take a Break After the Break

Neither any other team. There are still at least 70 games left, lots can happen.

Hanson Could Return to Angels on Tuesday

Tommy Hanson was kind of not bad in his rehab start for Inland Empire. He allowed two runs and three hits across 3.1 IP while striking out six and walking one. I’d rather the Angels left him there. But that isn’t going to happen.