Link Hangout – Get It Started Right Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Not a bad start to the second half, and with almost 40% of the Angels remaining games this season coming against the A’s and Rangers, beating up on those silly white shoes wearing northern California residents to kick off the second half was the perfect first step.

Trout Helps Teammates’ Cancer Research Efforts

/Adds philanthropist to the list of things that Mike Trout excels at.

A Season Starting on the First Day of the Second Half

Momentum is impossible to quantify, but that does not mean that it does not exist. Getting off to a good start can go a long way towards building some of that coveted momentum. And starting off the second half against both the A’s and the Rangers can also go a long way towards building it.

2013 Trade Value: Top 10

Guess who number one is? Go ahead, guess? OK. I’ll tell you. It’s Trout. And it’s not even close.

Which MLB Team has the Best and Worst Fans?

Dear Angels Fans,

Step your game up. You can start by not doing the damn wave.


Mike Hllywa

This May Get Ugly

Lots and lots and lots of money getting ready to get shilled out to Angels players. Some of whom, don’t deserve the increases.

Pujols’ Foot is Still Ailing Despite All-Star Break

Well, duh. Even though the All-Star break seems to last forever in fans’ eyes, four days is simply not enough time for Albert Pujols‘ plantar fasciitis to get even remotely better. Say it with me, Albert: Get surgery done. Soon.

Angels Start Second Half With ‘Sense of Urgency’

No way this gets past Mike Scioscia and his one-game-at-a-time mantra. I hope it does, but I doubt that it will.