Link Hangout – Two in a Row Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Mr. 100% Handsome isn’t in today’s links, but how about C.J. Wilson last night? How about C.J. Wilson over the last month? A strong 1-2 punch can go a long way in baseball, and if both Wilson and Jered Weaver are finally hitting their strides, good things are bound to happen.

Scioscia Joins Elite Club With 1,200th Win

Coaching wins are the only thing that are more silly than pitching wins. On that note, congratulations Mike Scioscia, you’re in the company of some very legendary baseball men.

Coello Still Waiting to Resume Throwing

I had completely forgotten about Robert Coello‘s existence. Completely. I guess that sort of thing happens when you are a minor league journeyman who has an impressive stretch to start a season, then gets hurt.

Angels’ Trumbo Tries to Regain Early Season Form

One thing that had separated this season from Mark Trumbo‘s previous two seasons, was his walk rate. He still struck out two damned much, but he was at least walking more and not chasing crap pitches. In the last four weeks, Trumbo has walked three, count ’em, three times. Not good.

Angels Replace Harris with Versatile Field

One back up infielder replaces another backup infielder. Granted, Tommy Field has more versatility than Brendan Harris, and better speed, allowing him to be used as a late inning pinch runner, he is still a backup.

Lights at Angel Stadium Can be Trouble for Right Fielders

Lots of stadiums have banks of lights behind the home plate area, just not setup the way that Angel Stadium’s banks are. Josh Hamilton simply has to adjust. Which is a scary thought since he hasn’t done that all too well this season.