Link Hangout – Level Field Edition

By Michael Hllywa

The biggest news yesterday, was Ryan Braun accepting a 65-game suspension for PED use. Good news for clean players, bad news for users. It isn’t Angels news, but there was an Angel who weighed in on the subject.

Wilson: “We Want the Competition to be Level”

Who better to weigh-in on the subject than the intelligent and opinionated, C.J. Wilson? And I completely agree with his stance that it’s a cop out to claim ignorance. I want to know what is going in my body. Why in the hell would a professional athlete not make sure of the legitimacy of everything that goes in his/her body?

Trade Deadline Looming, Downs Wants to Stay

Can’t blame him, Southern California has great weather. Scott Downs has had another solid year for the Angels, but Mike Scioscia has been using him more and more as a lefty specialist. Good for the Angels, both as a reliever, and possibly, as a trade chip.

Angels Still Trying to Determine Richards’ Strong Suit

In the minors. As a starter. Garrett Richards has three solid pitches, but not an ounce of continuity. He is absolutely not ready to be on the Major League team, and I will continue to be vocal about that.

Top Hitting Performances on the Halos’ Farm

Well hello, Taylor Lindsey.

The Angels Wasted Strength – Speed

Albert Pujols hits warning track singles because even with a jet pack strapped to his back, he would sill be thrown out by 10 feet at second base. Another thing that has hampered the team’s speed, is that pitchers have a different approach this season when faster players like Mike Trout are on base.

Callaspo Quietly Turning Things Around at the Plate

Now if only Alberto Callaspo could quietly stop throwing baseball’s away, things would be fantastic.