Link Hangout – Blanton’d Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Just when you think this team has a chance to pull of a late inning comeback; BOOM! J.B. Shuck happens.

It’s Time for the Angels to Put Blanton out of His Misery

The bullpen would be a nice hospice setup for Joe Blanton. He can relax, take naps and chew on copious amounts of sunflower seeds. But having him on the roster still leaves the Angels vulnerable to getting Blanton’d. I’d much prefer he be jettisoned for whatever bucket of white baseballs Jerry Dipoto can get for him.

Don’t Let Blanton Into the 20-Loss Club; He’s Not Good Enough

Although I do appreciate both history and nonsense, Chris Dufresne may need to have his tongue surgically removed from his cheek after this post.

MRI Reveals Inflammation in Hamilton’s Right Ankle

First the allergies. Then it was the wrist thing. Now Josh Hamilton has a swollen ankle. How did it happen? He doesn’t know. It just kind of happened. You know what else just “kind of happens?” A hitter who had a career wRC+ of 130 putting up a wRC+ of 89. Totally happens all the time.

Will MLB Push For Lifetime Ban For A-Rod

As much as I would enjoy seeing Alex Rodriguez get pushed out to sea on a raft, never to be seen again, I highly doubt that this happens. There’s no precedent for it, and the Union is simply too strong for it to go down this way. But it should serve as notice to certain Al West teams that are ahead of the Angels in the standings, each of which have a prominent player linked to this Biogenesis mess.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Will Win the World Series If…

Man, I really like Brandon Sisk though.

Mike Trout Proving Himself All Over Again

Let’s all just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride of watching Mike Trout make baseball look so damned easy.

Angels Prospect Hotlist – July 23rd, 2013

Jose Rondon might soon be the Angels heir apparent to Erick Aybar‘s position. And I am now officially announcing my membership to the #FreeKoleCalhoun bandwagon.