Link Hangout – Free At Last Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Jered Weaver and Ernest Frieri may have combined to two-hit the Twins yesterday, but that wasn’t the best news of the day for Angels fans. It wasn’t even close.

Angels Drop Blanton From Rotation

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. Garrett Richards will start in Joe Blanton‘s place on Saturday. The only downside here, is that we don’t get to see if Blanton suck his way to 20 losses. Oh well, maybe he can do that next year for someone else if he gets DFA’d.

Angels’ Vargas and Burnett Making Progress

According to Alden Gonzalez, Jason Vargas threw a bullpen session yesterday, and Sean Burnett is expected to throw one today. Vargas had been the Angels most consistent starter and Burnett has been lights out in his brief cameo’s with the team.

Evaluating the Angels Trade Deadline Strategies

Please don’t punt Dipoto. Please.

Trumbo Returns to Cleanup Spot

So, no one like my “Trade Mark Trumbo” idea yesterday? I figured Mike Scioscia made the move because he saw that he was writing Howie Kendrick‘s name into the clean up spot and he thought, “What am I, nuts?”

Salmon on Baseball’s Drug Users: Why Not Penalize the Team?

Who knew, that Tim Salmon was such a forward thinker? This would never happen, but I like Tim’s style.

Isn’t This Why We Have an Infield-Fly Rule?

I admit, I missed the game yesterday. But, after watching this video, the Angels caught a huge break on this one.