Link Hangout – Second Chance Edition

By Michael Hllywa

I just love it when the Angels pull off a beatdown in Oaktown. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. How about you?

Richards Gets Another Chance at Starting Rotation

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t think Garrett Richards is ready for the Big Leagues. But, considering there is literally no other option…Just, prove me wrong, Garrett.

Weaver Pitching at Cy Young Level

Jered Weaver is definitely pitching at a Cy Young level. But, to suggest that he’s going to garner much support in the Cy voting after the season is incredibly short-sighted. I guess that’s what I get for linking to a story from Rant Sports. Shame on me.

Gutierrez Ready to Play Role in Angels Bullpen

What that role is remains to be seen, but J.C. Gutierrez could be another feather in the cap for Jerry Dipoto and his ability to find relievers damn near anywhere.

Angels Pitchers Are Making Big Velocity Gains. But How?

I. Have. No. I-dea. This is just bananas. But, there it is.

Angels Lose Some Scoring Power By Hitting a lot of Solo Home Runs

Oh for the love of Pete. The Angels need more power. Then, when they get more power, it’s the wrong power because they are all solo shots. When are we actually going to cry for a team that simply gets on base well? That might fix this problem.

Constant Adjustment Part of Trumbo’s Offensive Gain

Yet another reason to really like Mark Trumbo.