Angels Lose to Rangers, Again. By Way of the Walkoff, Again.

By Michael Hllywa

Before we get into the recap, how about a little bit of a history lesson courtesy of Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register.

Yeah. I mean, it’s only been 24-plus years since the last time a team got walked off on in each game of a series. It was bound to happen eventually, right? It just so happened to be the Angels that it happened against. Good times, guys. Gooooooood times.

First, how about a round of applause for Jerome Williams? My personal goal for Williams was that he at least record 16 outs. Well done Jerome, well done. Williams threw 7.2 innings tonight, but that wasn’t what impressed me the most. He only walked two hitters, but that didn’t impress me the most. What impressed me the most was that he retired 12 Rangers hitters on ground outs. For a pitcher who has been getting smacked around a lot lately, it was nice to see him pitch like we have seen him pitch before. And for his work, he deserved a better fate.

Unfortunately for Jerome, Martin Perez is a lefty. And a left-handed starter has meant doom for Angels hitters all season long. Well, any pitcher has really meant that, but especially lefties. Perez worked 7.1 innings allowing only four hits. One of which was a game-tying home run for Josh Hamilton. Hamilton, by the way, finished the series 5-11 with three walks and seven RBI’s. Not a bad showing considering the last time the Angels were in Texas, he was swinging at pitches that ended up in the Angels on-deck circle.

But like every other game this series, it came down to one at bat in the Rangers half of the last inning. And on a 3-2 fastball from Michael Kohn, Adrian Beltre deposited into the left field bleachers. Handing the Angels another walkoff loss, and their sixth in a row. Like I said, good times.

I was hoping for an Angels off day tomorrow, but, no such luck. They head back home to start a four game series with another underachieving team in the Toronto Blue Jays. The battle of the darlings of the offseason kicks off with Garrett Richards taking the mound against Josh Johnson at 7:05 PM PST. Light up the fail-o. Barkeep, beer me.