Link Hangout – PhD Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Now that I have finally recovered from Trade Deadline hangover, we can get back to business as usual with some daily links. For your information, a Bloody Mary may cure an alcohol hangover, but it does not cure a Trade Deadline hangover.

Calhoun Adjusting to leadoff Spot for Angels

Whoa whoa whoa. By my count, Kole Calhoun has now started two games as the leadoff hitter. Can we please hold off on the “adjusting to his batting order position” articles, please?

Angels Hitting the Reset Button

I much prefer the reset button. It’s so much easier than blowing on the game cartridge, blowing in the game console, licking the cartridge, blowing on the cartridge, blowing on the console then reinserting the game. Only to have to repeat that same sequence. What? You act like you have never played Nintendo before.

Angels Peter Bourjos Moving in the Right Direction, Takes BP

After four weeks on the DL, Peter Bourjos is finally moving in the right direction. I love ya, Pete, but it doesn’t look like your services will actually be needed this season.

What the Angels Should Have Done

Oh, it’s that time of year already.

Nelson Making Most of Opportunity at Third Base

Until next season when Chris Nelson will almost assuredly be out trying to find himself a new job. Thanks for being depth, Chris. Thanks.

Scioscia Hoping Discipline Helps Keep Game Clean

Discipline is all fine and good, but the game isn’t going to get clean until Major League Baseball gets out in front of the “cooks” so to speak. Baseball is still behind the curve that is being set by the people who are developing the newest way to enhance your physicality, so expect another one of these controversies in about five years.