Angels Links: The Catch Edition

By Michael Hllywa

Can we play Toronto Blue Jays all the time? Just them and the Detroit Tigers? Everyday? Please? Just make this happen, Mr. Selig, and Southern California will love you once more.

Watch J.B. Shuck Make the Catch of the Year

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. J.B. Shuck‘s catch was good, he gave up his body to make the play, but catch of the year? I still take Peter Bourjos‘ home run thievery over Shuck’s.

Pujols isn’t Shutting it Down This Season

/shakes head

/looks back at computer

/shakes head again

Why, Albert Pujols? Why?

Vargas ‘Looked Good’ in 50-Pitch Sim Game

I still flip-flop on what I want the Angels to do with Jason Vargas this year into next year. Some days, I want the Angels to extend him for a couple more years. He wouldn’t cost much I’m sure. Other days, I want them to extend him a qualifying offer and call it a day. Others, I want to see him moved at the waiver deadline. One of these days, I will figure out where exactly I stand on this issue, but it probably wont be until the Angels decision is made. At which point, I will probably pan that decision.

Angels Closer Frieri Hunkers Down Through Tough Stretch

Striking out the side to get the save on Friday had to go a long way to reestablish some confidence in Ernesto Frieri. But I’d almost like to see him added to the “players the Angels are dangling” list, just because I am curious as to what some team would give up to get him.

Scioscia Weighs Great Grabs by Shuck, Trout

Between these two catches, I absolutely take Mike Trout‘s catch. More room to cover, the jump height, all of it. Mike Trout’s catch > J.B. Shuck’s catch. period.

Hall of Fame Hopefuls: Mark Trumbo

Wait? What? I love Mark Trumbo, but if we thought the Hall of Fame hopefuls video for Mike Trout was premature, this is just absurd. Who’s next? Jose Altuve?

Not a Heavenly Season for Halos

Oh goodie. A sound-off article with experts from emails sent to the L.A. Times by readers.

Hanson Working to Limit Opponents’ Running Game

Could be small sample size. Could be a legitimate adjustment. But Chris Iannetta throwing out three guys on Friday should be indicative enough, but that wont change other teams’ approach when it comes trying to run on Tommy Hanson. If this carries over into the next start? I’ll be a believer.