Mike Trout: Anatomy of an On-Base Streak

By Michael Hllywa

My daughter said to me today: “What if I could go into outer space and lift up the world?” Then, I laughed. Because that is absurd. Nobody can go into outer space and lift up the world. If Mike Trout said to me: “I’m going to go into outer space and lift up the world,” I would legitimately believe that Mike Trout could, in fact, lift up the entire world. My man crush, it knows no bounds.

Entering play tonight,

the chosen one

Trout is riding a 35 game on-base streak that has him hitting .364/.481/.612. He has 47 hits and 25 walks during that span for a total of 72 times on base in 35 games. He has walked more times than he has struck out (25 BB, 24 K). Ridiculous. Ludicrous. Troutian.

Other 35-plus game on-base streaks in Angels history

He’s now tied with Chone Figgins for the fourth longest streak. And, if all goes according to plan, will tie Chili Davis and Erick Aybar tonight against Texas. But he still has a long way to go to catch Orlando Cabrera and his 63 game on-base streak.

The product of Millville, NJ has forced his way back into the MVP conversation, despite being on a fourth place team. His fWAR (Fangraphs WAR) of 6.9 has him leading the league again in WAR, 0.5 points ahead of Miguel Cabrera, and on pace to top the best age-21 season fWAR of 9.4 put up by Rogers Hornsby. He’s one of three reasons I can think of right now to continue tuning in to Angels game this season (the others being Jered Weaver and Mark Trumbo). He’s the best player on the planet, still, and he plays for your favorite team.

He’ll still get buried in the MVP voting again this year. Cabrera has 99 RBI so far, and the Tigers have a better record. We may as well start engraving his name on the trophy. In fact, Trout will probably finish behind Chris Davis (5.1 fWAR) because the Orioles are in a pennant chase and Davis leads the known world in RBI with 102 as well as home runs with 40.

But we know, Angels fans, we know who deserves to at least get a make up award after last year’s hosing in the MVP voting. We are watching one of the greatest talents to ever step onto a baseball field. That might be the craziest statement in the history of making statements, but it might be the most accurate. And, if it is the most accurate, start cataloging stories. You’re going to need them for when your kids/grandkids ask you about the inner-circle Hall of Famer named Michael Nelson Trout.