Angels Links – Trimmed Fat Edition

By Michael Hllywa

So, yesterday’s “Suspension Summit” went well. Of course, we all had to deal with that obnoxious Alex Rodriguez press conference, but, as the say in the movies, justice has been served.

Wilson, Hamilton React to Cruz, PED’s

Unless your name is C.J. Wilson. Being an ardent member of the straight edge movement, it doesn’t surprise me that C.J. has no problem voicing his opinion on the matter, or that he is bent out of shape that some of the players suspended were on first-place teams. I’m also not surprised with Josh Hamilton‘s comments. I expect nothing less from a recovering addict who knows first hand what it is like to make a bad decision.

Angels Release Rehabbing Unicorn Madson

It was bound to happen eventually. So long and thanks for all the shoes, Ryan Madson.

Trout and Cabrera: Here We Go Again

Oh, man. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait for all the Miguel Cabrera vs. Mike Trout articles.

Scioscia Hopes Halos Can Fix Defensive Dip

Sorry, skip. But it’s a little late for this. I think the most that Mike Scioscia and the fans can hope for is that Chris Nelson simply learns how to throw. Yeah, that would be a good start.

Angels Sign Dontrelle Willis out of Independent League

Welcome to the depth chart, Dontrelle Willis. You’ll slide in somewhere between Billy Buckner and Barry Enright.

Kendrick Hyper-extends Knee

Welcome to the List Disabled, Howie Kendrick. We have anything you could ever need in our newly renovated and ultra-modern facilities.

Does Calhoun Make Bourjos the Angels #1 Trade Chip

Sorry, but no. Kole Calhoun has been all kinds of Ginger awesome in his first week, but it’s been just that, a week. If he had provided positive value over a month, two months, then yes, he makes Peter Bourjos expendable. Right now? He absolutely, positively, does not.