C.J. Wilson Gets Sniped at Tropicana Field

By Michael Hllywa

That baseball, it’s like a war zone. You never know which team has laid out claymore mines, where they have hidden trip wires, or where they have snipers set up.

Before the start of the second inning in tonight’s game against he Tampa Bay Rays, Angels starter C.J. Wilson found one booby-trap that the Rays had laid for him.

Hit the dirt…err…turf.

Slumped shoulders and embarrassment abound for Mr. Wilson. Don’t worry C.J., I’m sure everyone knows what it feels like to fall flat on their face in a big league stadium where cameras are always rolling. What? Just me?

Credit Mr. Handsome for being able to joke around with his misstep before continuing on to the mound to do his pre-inning warm up. Could you imagine if Fernando Rodney had fallen on his way to the mound in-between innings? Please, try to imagine it. I just did. And yes, it was hilarious.