Angels Baseball Links

By Michael Hllywa

Mike Trout At Any Age

You know what we haven’t done in awhile? We haven’t posted any “Mike Trout” word porn. That’s OK, though. For those of you needing your Trout-fix, how about an investigative look into how he could possibly become the greatest baseball player of all-time.

Bryan Harvey – Top 100 Angels #59

You know who is really happy to see an article that includes Bryan Harvey? Saxon. Saxon has probably been agonizing over when Halos Heaven was going to get to Harvey on their countdown.

The Angels Unexpected Trade Chip

You know, I am really starting to like Taylor Lindsey. I don’t mind if Grant Green takes Howie Kendrick‘s spot should Howie get traded. But, Lindsey’s power finally showed up this past season in AA. In a ballpark that is death to hitters. I am also a little bit of a prospect hoarder. So, you know, I’m kind of biased.

Side-Arm Throwing Joe Smith Adds New Dimension to Angels Bullpen

The more that I think about it, the more that I am really starting to like the Joe Smith signing. of course, the Angels probably could have avoided this whole situation had they simply held onto Darren O’Day a few years ago instead of letting him get snagged in the Rule 5 draft. But, you know, what’s $15.75MM to a middle reliever when you are in desperate need of starting pitching? Oh, yeah. Damn.

A’s Add Scott Kazmir

I am fully aware that Scott Kazmir is not the same pitcher that he was at the outset of his career with the Tampa Bay Rays. But, with that being said, is anybody else out there a little bit worried about him signing with a division rival? I could see this being a situation where he goes 4-0 against the Angels next season, with one of those wins being a no-hitter, because, why not.