Albert Pujols

Is Trumbo on His Way Out of Town?


Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Mike DiGiovanna reported that the Angels are not interested in trading Mark Trumbo to fill the gaping holes in the starting line-up. Trumbo, a streaky hitter with good power, could yield a good starting pitcher; or if packaged with Howie Kendrick and/or other players, could yield a top-tier pitcher like David Price or Max Scherzer (assuming they are on the market). But, according to the LA Times article, Jerry Dipoto is not willing to part with the slugger.

In other words, Mark Trumbo’s days in Angel red are numbered.

Have we learned nothing over the last two years?

November 2011: “No, we’re not interested in Albert Pujols. We need pitching.”

December 2011: Angels sign Albert Pujols to a $250MM/10 year contract. (oh, and they signed CJ Wilson too.)

November 2012: “No, we’re not interested in Josh Hamilton. We need pitching.”

December 2012: Angels sign Josh Hamilton to a $125MM/5 year deal.

Maybe it’s just the leftovers from Thanksgiving growing a layer of funk in the refrigerator, but I think I smell another big move on the horizon. Dipoto likes to hold his cards close, and Arte Moreno likes to make bold moves. So unless they are willing to join the Yankees in crossing that luxury tax line, I think Trumbo is headed out of Anaheim and some big-name player (hopefully an actual pitcher this time) is moving in to the OC.