Angels Baseball Links

By Michael Hllywa

Angels Look For Pitching Without Trading Mark Trumbo

Uh-huh. Sure. I could get into the “why’s” and “how’s” of this rumor that Mark Trumbo is not available, but Ryan did a fantastic job of doing that yesterday.

Angels Hire Dave Hansen as Assistant Hitting Coach

New Angels Hitting Coach, Don Baylor, had a career OBP of .342 and a career walk-rate of 8.6%. New Angels Assistant Hitting Coach, Dave Hansen, had a career OBP of .360 and a career walk-rate of 13.5%. Anyone else recognizing the philosophy that Jerry Dipoto is trying to instill in this organization.

MLB and NPB Nearing Agreement on Posting System

A $20M limit, huh? This is either going to create a crazy bidding war since every team can simply submit a max bid, or, it is going to cause NPB teams to not post players like Masahiro Tanaka since there is no large financial gain from making them available to MLB teams.

Has Dipoto’s Plan to Acquire Pitching Already Fallen Apart?

Maybe. Possibly. Okay, more than likely. Dipoto is going to have to dip into the free agent market to acquire someone for the rotation. The problem with that is, the best pitchers available would cost the Angels their first round draft pick. And, the pitchers that wont cost the Angels a pick, are named Bronson Arroyo.

Top 50 draft Prospects Revealed

The Angels have the 15th pick in next year’s draft. High School Pitcher, Luis Ortiz, is considered the 16th best prospect, so I am going to project him to be the Angels pick. Although, it is possible that a pitcher like Tyler Beede – who has issues with repeating his delivery – could fall to the Angels. Not likely, but possible.