Angels Baseball Links

By Michael Hllywa

On Underrated and Overrated Players

So, if you run the numbers, Mike Trout comes out as…underrated? Yeah, that seems off. Underpaid? Yes. Underrated? Negative.

On the Angels Winning 90+ Games in 2014

Premature-much? Josh Hamilton should be fine, we hope, but Albert Pujols had already shown a clear decline before signing his mega-deal to come to Anaheim. That, and, of course, there is that whole “the Angels don’t have a full starting rotation yet” thing as well.

Angels Have a History of Winter Meetings History

Considering the Angels recent history concerning the Winter Meetings, I am hoping that Jerry Dipoto goes into Orlando and rewrites those pages this year. Of course, now that I have said that, he’ll probably orchestrate a deal for Matt Garza on the second day of the meetings.

Chris Nelson’s Departure and the 2014 Bench

The Angels bench was terrible last season, and it doesn’t project to be any better in 2014. At least, they will have some guys like C.J. Cron and Taylor Lindsey being a year closer to the Major League level. So, if worst comes to worst, it is possible that some of their more highly rated prospects could be used as midseason callups.

Moves the Angels Must Try to Pull Off at the 2013 Winter Meetings

Outside of the idea that Howie Kendrick will find his name getting thrown around quite about now that Robinson Cano is off the board, there is nothing original about the ideas suggested. The Angels don’t need to go after Matt Garza, Bronson Arroyo and Bartolo Colon. They need to go after starting pitching, yes. But there are more creative avenues that could save the team money as well.