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Winter Meetings Day 3: The Untold (and Untrue) Stories

David Manning


It has been a relatively quiet day in Florida; there were a few free agent signings and a few smaller trades, and a few more commentators offered their two cents on yesterday’s Mark Trumbo deal, but otherwise not a whole lot of movement… at least that is what the mainstream media would have you believe. Out of the spotlight, some very significant events transpired.

Kendrys Morales joins the Wii crew of Shin-Soo Choo, Nelson Cruz, and Ervin Santana.”

Update: “Choo, Cruz, Santana take break from video games, begin updating resumes for non-baseball jobs.”

Update: “Morales continues playing ‘Epic Mickey 2’ while others apply to Starbucks, The Gap, and The Cheesecake Factory.”

Update: “Video Game Crew skeptical of getting contract offers; schedule interviews for other jobs.”

“League anxiously awaits final decisions regarding posting of Masahiro Tanaka.”

Update: “Several team owners caught on ‘Pawn Stars’ cameras hocking World Series rings to fund Tanaka bids.”

Update: “Team owner meets with lawyer, writes children out of will to fund Tanaka bid.”