Happy Birthday, Hector Santiago

By Michael Hllywa

There’s a few distinct upsides to playing for the Los Angeles Angels. You get to play in a pretty ballpark. Mike Trout is your center fielder. If you’re a flyball pitcher, the marine layer is forgiving. Mike Trout is your center fielder. Mike Trout is your center fielder.

Okay, so there is not as many upsides as I thought. But one of the notable byproducts of being an Angels is that – when I can remember to do it – you get a birthday shout out on Halo Hangout.

Last week, Hector Santiago became an Angel along with Tyler Skaggs in the trade that sent Mark Trumbo to the Arizona Diamondbacks. In case you hadn’t heard about it, here’s a link. And while you’re at it, check your pulse. Today, Hector Santiago turns 26, so we’re celebrating likes it is 1999.

But, first, a song.

And now, some cake.

Hector gets to share his complimentary Fudgie the Whale cake with former Angels pitcher Tyler Chatwood and Cal Ripken Jr.’s younger brother, Billy Ripken. Lucky guy gets to have Cal Ripken at his birthday and I have to settle for Carlos Mencia. Life just isn’t fair sometimes. Joining us post-posthumously is Trick McSorley who played four years of professional baseball between 1875 and 1886. We pull out all of the stops around here for birthdays.

Other notable birthdays today include Ludwig Van Beethoven, Jane Austen, Billy Gibbons and Bill Hicks. Alright, I’m calling shenanigans. Hector gets to share a birthday with Bill Hicks as well? That’s it. I quit.

All jealousy aside, Happy first birthday as an Angel, Hector. Here is to many more birthdays and Angels victories while you wear Halo red.