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Matt Garza and Mega-Deal Money

Matt Garza is going to get paid quite well this offseason. He will at least take home C.J. Wilson-type money, maybe even more since there is really no other options on the market this winter. I still don’t want to see him in Angels red, however. I have this thing where I can’t stand misogynists.

Angels Wish List Down to a Starting Pitcher

The one pitcher on this proposed shopping list that I would like to see the Angels take a flyer on, is Scott Baker. He’s a buy-low type, and could be very valuable at the backend of the Angels rotation. Unless they go after Masahiro Tanaka. But, it seems that…

Tanaka is Staying in Japan

There’s a very good chance that the Angels would have simply been smothered by other teams with deeper pockets, and are less afraid of the luxury tax. But I really enjoyed this pipe dream while it lasted.

The Angels Getting Better Without Getting Better

Jeff Sullivan is, just, so good. People forget how loaded the Angels actually are, and that Mike Trout is the best cornerstone in baseball. It is just that their pitching is suspect at best and atrocious at worst. But their relatively small moves this offseason has put them in a very good spot for 2014.

Ibanez is Old

Raul Ibanez is running to be the new Jim Thome.

Do AL West Teams Have the Arms to be Contenders?

The Angels rotation got negative value from two-fifths of their starters. They also ran out a plethora of useless relievers who had no business pitching in the Major Leagues. A lot of their bullpen hopes in 2014 hinge on Sean Burnett being healthy, but they have plenty of back up plans in place should he have another lame-duck season. The rotation is looking for Garrett Richards to take a step forward and for Tyler Skaggs to progress. In theory, the Angels do have a quality group of arms available. The problem is, it is just in theory.

Farm System Power Rankings

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the farm system doesn’t look any better than it did last season.