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Raul Ibanez Deal With the Angels is Now Official


The contract was agreed upon before the Christmas holiday, and the results of Raul Ibanez‘s physical are back. He passed, and is now officially a member of the 2014 Angels says Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register.

See. I told you.

Initial reaction:

I know, I know. He still has value. Ibanez is still a very dangerous hitter against right-handed pitching. And he has also been very successful in his career at Anaheim Stadium. But there still remains the issue that the Angels do not have a right handed platoon mate for Ibanez to ensure that he won’t face left-handed pitching this season. And with Masahiro Tanaka being posted, and constraints to how much Jerry Dipoto can spend, it seems like the Angels may not be able to bring in that protection that is necessary.

This of course means that I am still skeptical of the deal. And that I am very much dreading the sight of Raul Ibanez facing a left handed specialist in the late innings of an important game, and we are left helpless to watch him go down swinging.

I don’t want the Angels to pass on the opportunity to pass on Tanaka, but if they aren’t thinking about using C.J. Cron to platoon with Ibanez, then their next best bet is to get a Mark Reynolds-type through free agency. Decision, decisions, decisions.