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Baseball Show Podcast – Hall of Fame


How do you spend your Saturday night? You probably go out, or maybe you go clubbin’ with the kids these days. Myself, I’d rather sit at home and take baseball. Luckily for me, I got to talk baseball. Clubs be damned, my Saturday night was better than your Saturday night.

Talking Points:

Mike Trout. Nothing more needs to be said about Trout, but we talk about Trout because who doesn’t want to talk about Mike Trout and contract status/greatness/general man-crushing.

Masahiro Tanaka. Do the Angels stand a chance? It is doubtful, but we try to prognosticate where we think he will sign now that he has been posted.

– We touch on what kind of trade value Yasiel Puig has and whether or not the Dodgers should entertain the idea of trading Puig.

– Hall of Fame extravaganza. The BBA voting was due today. I don’t have a vote, but Clint and MJ do. So we talk about their respective ballots and where we stand on the issue of steroid users as well as who we would vote for this year.

Clint and MJ were wonderful hosts, and hopefully I get the opportunity to be back and talk more baseball, tell bad jokes and bad mouth Trumedia in the process.

Be sure to follow Clint and Diamond Hoggers on twitter (@DiamondHoggers) as well as MJ (@MnkysThrwngDrts) and myself (@mike_hllywa). Thanks again for having me on, guys. Let’s get together again so I can hang out in my cold garage and talk baseball.