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Editor’s Picks: Favorite Halo Hangout Articles From 2013

By Michael Hllywa

As the Editor of this site, I am allowed certain perks. When we have the company mixer, I am allowed to spike the punch without the fear of being reprimanded. I can dance with Dave’s wife and it is considered “good for his career” instead of “wildly inappropriate.” When we play freeze tag, I am the only one who has thawing powers that allow me to roam freely. It’s the good life.

Another perk, is that I am able to look into any and all posts before they are published for you guys to read. Make changes, adjustments, give ideas or just read the article because I am impatient and I want to see what one of these outstanding writers has come up with next. And, needless to say, I am never disappointed.

So, on this final day of 2013, I went through the Halo Hangout archives and picked my favorite article from each one of the writers who grace this blog. These articles might not be the author’s personal favorite, but I pulled the Czar card on this one and didn’t give them any say. That would be another perk. So here they are, my favorite articles from 2013 as chosen and voted on by, well, me.

David SchroederRandom Ramblings on a…Friday?

Dave is currently drooling over his Kansas City Chiefs at the moment, but when he is not, he is harboring a deep love for all things Joe Blanton.

Ryan BlanckWill Dipoto Resort to Online Help?

Both Ryan and Jerry Dipoto (per fictional confidential sources) are waiting for financial backers as well as computer programmers to get this idea off the ground.

MJ LloydWinning a Trade 15,000 Days Ago

Where else are you going to find analysis of the Nolan Ryan/Jim Fregosi trade like this? That’s right. Nowhere.

Mark SmithRyan Madson is a Figment of Your Imagination

A Unicorn, the Loch Ness Monster and Ryan Madson walk into a bar…

Saxon BairdHank Conger Improving Behind the Plate Defensively

When the “defense-first” argument was used for Jeff Mathis, Angels fans wanted to riot. In the case of Hank Conger, Angels fans want him to get more playing time. My, how the times have changed. I’d still rather cross-breed Conger with Chris Iannetta, but my lab is not ready yet for that kind of work.

Shaylee SouzaPredicting the Angels 2014 Starters

Shaylee is still new around these parts, but she’s got the goods. Personally, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with 2014.

Virginia ToddThe Angels Welcome Some and Say Goodbye to Others

Virginia doesn’t shy away from being a fangirl. And she let’s it all hangout with this article that came on the heels of the Mark Trumbo trade.

In 2013, Halo Hangout grew in leaps and bounds. Both in terms of content, and readership. On behalf of each of the writers here, I want to thank everyone who helped us grow.

Happy New Year’s, everyone. We’ll see you in 2014.