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Indians Prospect Want to be Like Mike

Great. Just great. Now I have competition in the “Who wants to be like Mike Trout the most” contest.

Los Angeles Angels Still Need Pitching

Yes, they do. Hopefully, they get pitching in the form of Masahiro Tanaka, but I’m not holding my breath on that dream. The Angels have gotten clever this offseason in how they have acquired pitching, but I expect Arte Moreno to swallow his pride and open up his wallet for whoever the Angels bring in next.

Can the Angels Score Runs in 2014?

The Angels didn’t really have any trouble scoring runs in 2013. Their biggest issue was keeping runs off the board.

Signing Tanaka, Extending Trout and Mutual Exclusivity

It’s not that the Angels can’t afford both. Its that Arte Moreno is going to have to suck it up and allow the payroll to break the luxury tax threshold in order to sign Masahiro Tanaka this winter. Which he should. But, up to this point, Arte has shown no inclination that he is willing to pay the luxury tax.

Angels’ Ramirez Banned 100 Games

Once, twice, three times a…Seriously. This is Carlos Ramirez‘s third time getting suspended for failing a drug test. Here’s your cheesy watch, kid. Thanks for coming out.

The Los Angeles Angels Could Release Blanton

Whoa now. If there is one thing that would make Angels fans over-the-moon happy that doesn’t involve Mike Trout getting his own bank vault, it would be Joe Blanton being told to hit the bricks. Don’t play with me, Jerry Dipoto. I am a fragile person and I am not sure if I can handle the possibility of this scenario.