The Los Angeles Angels’ Most Memorable Trade Deadline Deals

By Jose Serrano
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July 27, 1995- Jim Abbott returns to Angels

The Chicago White Sox traded Jim Abbott back to where his career started.

Despite being born without a right hand, Abbott was nominated for the 1989 Rookie of the Year and 1991 Cy Young award. He tossed a no-hitter with the Yankees in 1993 but struggled in the Bronx.

Brining Abbott back to Anaheim isn’t so much about his contribution to the Angels, after all he lost a major-league record 18 games in 1996. It was about Abbott wanting to be an Angel.

To this day, he attends autographs singings, community events, and occasionally coaches during Spring Training. He’s a motivational speaker whose message of perseverance resonates with fans.

Abbott is part of the Angels’ family. The 1995 trade just emphasized his importance.