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Joe Maddon, stay out of the American League West!


Joe Maddon has opted out of his final year with the Tampa Bay Rays and will now become a manager “free agent” if you will, according to Buster Olney.

Joe Maddon managed the Rays for nine seasons bringing them from the cellar to the mansion. His first season in Tampa Bay they won 61 games, and two seasons later they won 97 games and were playing for a World Championship.

In my opinion most managers can’t change the outcome of a game too much, but Maddon seemed to have some pull on the game at all times. He has a knack for doing the unthinkable with lesser payrolled teams and he made the right moves to win games. It is also a big ups to the Rays former General Manager Andrew Friedman, for giving him great players before they were really known as great players. The one thing I ask, is that Joe Maddon stays out of the American League West. If that is possible, I really don’t mind where he goes.

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A good landing spot for Maddon would be the Chicago Cubs and that would be amazing for their franchise. I would be on board with that 100 percent for one reason, the Angels wouldn’t have to face a Joe Maddon team except in interleague play. That is above and beyond a great thing for any team and I will gladly take that for the Angels.

The Angels are 25-32 against the Joe Maddon managed Rays since the 2008 season. Yes, the Angels had a couple bad seasons in that mix, but that doesn’t destroy the factor that the Angels have struggled against Maddon. If he does end up in the American League West in some shape or form, in my opinion that is bad news for the Angels and their coaching staff.

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