Collin Cowgill: 2014 Angels Year in Review

By Ryan Ritchey

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The 2013 season was the first in an Angels uniform for University of Kentucky product Collin Cowgill. He played in just 50 games and recorded 21 hits in 99 plate appearances after coming over from the New York Mets. He saw more playing time in 2014 due to injuries in the outfield and had a better season than last as a Halo.

The Good: He was a player that saw playing time when needed and did what was expected. He did the best he could with the number of at-bats he received. He played in 106 games, double the amount of games from 2013 with the Angels, and showed a glimpse of extra-base power. He recorded 10 doubles and five long balls out of his 65 hits.

His game was singles and using his speed on the bases. Once he got on he was able to take the extra base on the ball in the outfield, and give the Angels a chance to score more runs. He only stole four bases a limited number, but he took the bases in times he thought he could succeed.

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The Bad: I don’t think I am at liberty to say that Collin had a bad season with the Angels because of the limited amount of playing time. He is on a team with three outfielders, one who was a former MVP, one that should be a MVP this season, and one that is a future All-Star. It was hard for him to find playing time and with the DH he didn’t get many pinch hit opportunities.

The one thing that really hurt him in 2014 was the strikeouts. He struck out 74 times in 293 plate appearances, which is almost 40 percent of the time. If there is one thing that he could do better it would be putting the ball in play, because he has the speed to put pressure on the defense.

The Future: The future for Cowgill is uncertain at this time. Josh Hamilton, Mike Trout and Kole Calhoun will all be in the outfield in 2015 for the Angels. There may be some pinch running or pinch hit opportunities, but he probably won’t see everyday playing time next season.

It will be much like 2013, make the best of the opportunities given to him and he may see more down the road. He is always a guy that can come off the bench and steal a bag and could be a possible replacement for an injured outfielder if that happens in 2015.

FanGraphs projects him to play in 55 games and do much of the same as 2013. I can’t say I disagree with a packed outfield that the Angels have.