Howie Kendrick’s possible landing spots

By Ryan Ritchey
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Toronto Blue Jays 

The Toronto Blue Jays have looked for an upgrade at second base for some time now. They have yet to find the right fit, but Howie Kendrick could be just the guy. He shows good power and can bat anywhere from 4-6 in their lineup. He could be a great five hole hitter behind Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. They have already begun making moves this offseason, so maybe Alex Anthopoulos would be interested in making another deal.

They have a deep farm system of pitching. Four of their top five prospects are pitchers. A possibility from their major league roster could be Mark Buehrle. He is a great option to fill the need for innings in the Angels rotation. He has made his trip around the block once or twice, but he can throw 200 innings a season with the best of them. He isn’t looking to be a top rotation guy, more like a three or four and the Angels could use that in their rotation.

If the Blue Jays do make a trade for Kendrick it could also come from the minor leagues. They have plenty of major league ready arms waiting for a chance and maybe they can find that chance with the Angels.