All-Angels Team: Second Baseman [Poll]

By Brian Helberg
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Here at Halo Hangout we are doing a weekly feature that will assemble a team made up of the greatest players in Angels’ history. This team will be made up of eight position players, plus a starting pitcher, a closing pitcher, a designated hitter, and a manager. The fans will decide who makes the team. I will present a number of possibilities each week, and post a poll on the final slide for the fans to choose their favorite. If you do nothing else, please make sure you click through to the final page to cast your vote!

In the last installment, we asked the fans to pick the best first baseman in franchise history. The votes are in, and ballots have been counted. The fans have decided that, Rod Carew, will be at first base for the All-Angels team.

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This week we will turn our attention to the best second basemen in Angels’ history. The Halos have been blessed to have numerous great second basemen, but the Fans will decide who was the best. Halo Hangout has narrowed the field to the top three second basemen who have donned an Angels uniform. The candidates will be listed chronologically with the second baseman who began his Angels career the earliest going first.

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