Heavenly Angels Moments from 2014

By Brian Helberg
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2. Albert Pujols Joins 500 Home Run Club

Albert Pujols is quite simply one of the greatest offensive players in the history of the sport. The man is a beast. His worst year is better than 90% of players’ best year. In 2014, Pujols cemented his Hall-of-Fame status by becoming the 26th player in Major League history to join the 500 home run club. In an era where many of the game’s best sluggers have been brought to their knees by drug scandals, Pujols has accomplished this feat clean.

Pujols’ big night came on April 22 while the Angels were in Washington playing the Nationals. Phat Albert stepped into the box with a runner on first and none out in the 5th inning. Pujols proceeded to take the 1-2 offering from Taylor Jordan deep to left-center field for a two run shot. As Pujols trotted around the bases the respect shown by opposing players and fans showcased everything great about the game of baseball. Pujols was met at home plate by all of his teammates to celebrate the auspicious moment.

Some have felt Pujols has failed to live up to expectations since signing with the Halos is 2011, but the demeanor he brings to the ball club has been crucial to the development of the team. Pujols has quieted his critics by leading the Angels to the postseason in 2014. A player joining the 500 home run club is rare, but a player of Pujols’ skill and character is nearly unheard of.

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