Heavenly Angels Moments from 2014

By Brian Helberg
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1. The Angels Win the American league West

The Angels winning the American League West was undeniable the most enjoyable moment of the 2014 season. On September 17, the Angels were once again at Angel Stadium playing host to the Seattle Mariners. C.J. Wilson dominated the M’s, and the Angels cruised to a 5-0 victory. However, the Halos still needed the Oakland Athletics to fall to the Texas Rangers in order to clinch.

The A’s game dragged on late into the Anaheim night, but that did not deter Angels’ fans from sticking around the stadium in hopes of celebrating. The Rangers managed to pull off a come from behind win, and the Angels were crowned the champs of the AL West.

All of the Angels’ players and coaches came out of the clubhouse to celebrate the joyous occasion with the thousands of fans who supported them all season long. The champagne was popping and the players let their guard down with the fans. The childlike joy on the players and fans faces reminded all of us why we love baseball.

The Angels won as a team in 2014, every single player on the roster contributed at some time or another to the club’s success. Perhaps that is why this group of players was the most beloved Angels squad in a decade.

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