The Angels Battle for Second Base

By Mike Greyshock
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Johnny Giavotella

On par with the previous two combatants is newly acquired from the Royals, Johnny Giavotella. The majors have proven a challenge for young Johnny but his cup of tea isn’t done yet. Another good year in triple-A saw him post a higher walk rate than strikeout rate and with his plus baserunning he possesses value and upside.

He shouldn’t hurt you as bad on defense as the others but it certainly isn’t a strong suit. Since I’ve used UZR while comparing Rutledge and Green I’ll bring out that his numbers last year were decent at a UZR of 0.8 in 92 innings. Scouts generally dislike his overall defensive upside however.

So if his defense is underwhelming can his bat make up for it, not so far. He was once rated as a Royals top prospect, but in four seasons of getting major league tastes he has never stepped up and produced. In a small sample size last season he only managed to bat .216.

Scouts do grade him as being an above average baserunner but nothing exceptional. He’s managed 93 stolen bases in the minors against being caught 37 tries.

It would take an exceptional spring for him to overtake Green or Rutledge.

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