What the Angels Gained this Offseason

By Mike Greyshock
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2B Taylor Featherston (25)

Team Control: 6 years (rule-5 pick, must stay on 25 man roster for season)

Featherston is likely the best defensive option for the Angels at the keystone position in 2015. The rub is his lack of experience. He has not made it past Double-A and was picked up in the rule-5 draft, which means he has to stick with the clubs 25 man roster for the year or be offered back to the Rockies.

The other advantage favoring Featherston is his ability to backup shortstop, a position where the Angels are thin behind starter Erick Aybar. He ranks as the 18th best prospect for the Halos and is well thought of for his work ethic and grit (Angels fans love grit). Scouting reports peg him as a utility man with potential for a good career. He batted .260/.322/.439 in 2014 with 14 stolen bases and solid to above average defense. Well rounded utility men with good characteristics are an under appreciated commodity but just the type you find on winning clubs.

The ball is in Featherston’s court. If he has a good spring it would be real hard for him not to win at least a bench role with the Angels given his rule-5 status. If he does, I expect him to be a player similar to Maicer Izturis.

Negligible Fangraphs Steamer Projections with only 1 plate appearance

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