Is there still hope for Jered Weaver?

By Ryan Whitehead

After today’s outing, many Angels fans may start wondering how much longer Jered Weaver will last in the starting rotation. Weaver’s most recent outing this afternoon was nothing short of disappointing. The first two batters he faced against the San Francisco Giants this afternoon hit back-to-back home runs. Three of his first eight pitches were hits. Weaver would end up giving up three more runs in 5-0 loss to the Giants.

This has been the story of Jered Weaver so far this season, as he hasn’t looked the same in his starts. Weaver is yet to earn his first win of the season. Theres no reason to panic at this point, but the question is will he find his groove from last year.

A good reason for Weaver’s rough start is his pitching speed. Have hitters caught on to this? Weaver hasn’t been known to bring the heat, in which his fastball has usually not topped 85 mph.  After being in the league since 2006, hitters have had plenty of time to start figuring out his pitches.

As the season continues, Angel fans can only hope that Weaver finds himself and breaks out of his slump. In my opinion, Weaver just needs fight through. As a veteran pitcher, he knows what to do as far as getting his groove back.