Would Ryan Howard Make Sense For The Angels?

By Andrew Petrucci

Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The latest round of rumors to come out of the fire sale that is likely to happen in Philadelphia involves Ryan Howard. It’s no secret that Howard has one of the worst contracts in baseball in terms of production to the organization. After a stretch of three solid seasons and a World Series title, Ryan Howard was given the long term contract to keep him in Philadelphia for about $25 million per year. Ever since signing that deal he has seemingly done nothing more than film Subway commercials. The large contract, and lack of production has made him allergic to any potential trades in recent years. This season has been a pleasant surprise for Howard, hitting .270 and adding 10 home runs with 24 RBI. His trade value has increased due to this productive first half of the season, which has led the Phillies shopping for potential offers. Sources claim there are three teams with strong interest in the slugger right now: Tampa Bay Rays, Minnesota Twins, and the Angels.

It’s easy to see why the Angels would be willing to maybe peak their head in and ask the Phillies what they’re looking for. The Angels need a middle of the order, run producer, either left handed or right handed it doesn’t matter. The DH position still doesn’t have a consistent hitter and the inconsistencies of the offense could benefit greatly from a power bat. Adding Howard would allow for Albert Pujols to get time as DH and keep him as healthy as possible, while giving him some protection in the lineup. So just looking at this from a baseball perspective, Ryan Howard would be the type of player that the Angels are looking for right now, and depending on what the trade market looks like he might be the best option.

Once again though, it all comes down to money. The Angels are still basically paying $25 million to Josh Hamilton for him to bat cleanup with a division rival, so to add another high priced question mark is a lot to ask. Regardless of what team Ryan Howard goes to, the Phillies will most likely have to be on the hook for a majority of his contract. No small market team is going to take on his price tag, and frankly no big market team wants his contract. The guy isn’t worth the money. With that being said, if the Phillies just want to move him and are willing to eat a good deal of his contract then it becomes a serious possibility. Personally, I’m not crazy about the guy and think he is more of an overpaid, under performer regardless. But thats why Arte Moreno blindly writes the checks and I don’t. If his price tag is greatly reduced, the Angels should go after him because there is no denying this lineup could use more offensive production.