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Alzheimers Association, Orange County (AAOC) & The Angels Partnership

By Andrew Petrucci

As some of you may or may not know, June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, a disease that affects more than 84,000 Orange County individuals. The Angels and the AAOC have partnered together to help those affected by this disease and help spread awareness to as many individuals as possible. Locally the fourth-leading cause of death, Alzheimer’s currently cannot be prevented, slowed or cured and is greatly under diagnosed. By joining forces once again with the Los Angeles Angels – a respected and beloved community brand – AAOC will reach thousands of fans and encourage community support to help strikeout this devastating disease. The partnership also allows AAOC to share an important message of hope – for a cure – to millions of consumers through an AAOC concourse booth at home games, in-stadium advertising and on the “Big A,” and through special events. Obviously this is a great cause, and any way you can help or spread the awareness is welcomed with open arms.

HaloHangout also took some time out to interview Alzheimers Association, Orang County (AAOC) CEO/President Jim McAleer.

Q & A With AAOC President/CEO Jim McAleer

· What is the significance of the partnership between the Alzheimer’s Association, Orange County and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim?
By aligning with a high profile organization like the Angels, the Alzheimer’s Association is able to get our message out to tens of thousands of Angels fans. The Angels have been the perfect community partner in many ways. Dennis Kuhl, Chairman of the Board of the Angels serves on the Board of Directors of the Alzheimer’s Association. Our largest Walk to End Alzheimer’s is hosted at Angels Stadium. When the Angels win during Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month (which is going to happen a LOT this June) the halo lights purple, our signature color. The partnership works on many levels.
· How does the Alzheimer’s Association of Orange County help those dealing with this disease?
The Alzheimer’s Association has 47 support groups in Orange County, offers hundreds of training classes for caregivers, hosts a 24/7 helpline, provides care consultation and much more – all at no charge!
· What does “Light up the Halo!” stand for and explain its importance for each Angels win in the month of June?
The Halo is an Orange County icon. By lighting it purple for an Angels win during Alzheimer’s Awareness month, we elevate our brand to the Orange County general public and raise awareness for our work combating a devastating disease that affects 84,000 people in the OC.
· How can people reach out to help the fight against Alzheimer’s disease?
Visit or call 949.955.9000 for ways to get help, volunteer, or donate.
· Who is going to win the World Series this year? (This one is just for fun and your personal prediction!)
The Angels of course!