Angels Trade Deadline: Five Players To Watch

By Andrew Petrucci
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Johnny Cueto

Mandatory Credit: Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Looking at the Angels pitching staff from top to bottom will tell you they need to add some help at the deadline. The missing piece for the starting rotation is a legitimate number one starter. Johnny Cueto will almost 100% be moved at the trade deadline, and there are a ton of suitors for his services. Whether the Angels put together a package strong enough or have enough interest remains to be seen, but there’s no denying his fit. The rotation thus far for the Angels has felt like a 3 man staff of Wilson, Santiago, and Richards due to the ineffectiveness of Jered Weaver and Shoemaker resembling more of a long reliever. If the playoffs were to start tomorrow and the Angels had to win one game, who would get the ball? Probably Wilson or Richards, which honestly isn’t a confident choice either way. To be the team the Angels want to be, they need an ace to step up, and if someone on the staff isn’t going to answer the call then they need to grab the best starter on the market: Johnny Cueto.