The Machine is back in Pujols

By Ryan Whitehead

When he was a member of the St. Louis Cardinals, first baseman Albert Pujols picked up the nickname “The Machine” because of his consistency to hit home runs, base hits, and drive in runs. Now, with the Angels, Pujols seems to be back in his old form this season.

In last nights game against the Oakland A’s, Pujols smacked a line drive off the left field wall for a grand slam. This was part of an offensive explosion in the seventh inning, in which the Angels scored eight runs. This is the Albert Pujols that Cardinals fans saw for years in St. Louis.

Pujols seems to have more energy, confidence, and flexibility this season as he already has 20 home runs so far and it’s not even halfway through the season yet. He seems to be in his comfort zone hitting in the cleanup spot after manager Mike Scioscia has been flipping the lineup around, hoping for something to get going.

Pujols now has 12 home runs in his last 20 games and leads all American League hitters with 20 home runs. He also leads the AL in RBI, runs, and slugging since May.