Tensions between Front Office and Management

By Ryan Whitehead

Tension has risen in the Angels organization between manager Mike Scioscia and owner Jerry Dipoto. Emotions were flying high this past weekend as Dipoto showed his frustration over the coaches failure over scouting information to players.

According Fox Sports correspondent Ken Rosenthal, the tension extended to the Angels coaches and the players. Albert Pujols was one of the players who issued a rebuttal towards Dipoto. Dipoto refused to comment as well as Scioscia.

This particular issue also happened after the 2012 and owner Arte Moreno had to resolve the tension and force them to keep working with one another. Scioscia, who signed a 10-year extension in 2009, will have the chance to opt out of his contract after this season. The 2012 issue happened because of Scioscia refusing to read any prepared data by Dipoto and the front office.

Dipoto told sources that he feels that the coaches rely on “feel” way to much and are not following standards other teams in the division follow. The coaches responded that they don’t trust the information given to them by Dipoto. The Angels so far this season have been struggling to reach far above .500, which has re-sparked the tension.