Angels Trade Deadline Preview: Breakdowns of Every Possible Trade

By Andrew Petrucci
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C.J. Wilson for Andre Ethier

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Why it will happen: The Angels desperately need offensive help, a left fielder, and a left handed batter. With Andre Ethier they would get all three. For the Dodgers, they need a quality starting pitcher to bolster the rotation down the stretch and C.J. Wilson fits the bill. Most importantly, there wouldn’t be any issues with the two contracts.

Why it won’t happen: Both teams have been sorting through the muck all season, and just recently started to play good baseball. Do the Angels want to give up C.J. Wilson? Probably not. The Halos are still contending for a pennant and getting rid of a veteran pitcher like Wilson is less beneficial to their cause. Realistically, this is all about Andrew Heaney, if he was ready to step in and take Wilson’s spot with no hiccups then the Angels would do a trade like this. Simply put, C.J. Wilson is too important to the Angels right now, and the impact from Ethier wouldn’t be big enough of a difference maker.

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